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Julie L
This course would be interesting if it was carried out entirely in English - always full of new ideas and presented with a great sense of humour. As it is, it has been very helpful to improve my written and spoken Italian. I hope that next term we can go back to seeing each there face to face rather than online.
This is a well organized course with an enthusiastic tutor
Kath Whiting
As well as endless stimulus and creativity from Nicky, our teacher, she also creates a safe and encouraging space for people to share their work in, where constructive feedback is given with respect and trust. My writing has improved enormously from these classes.
Davina Robins
Really enjoyed it - great tutor - would definitely do this course again - got to grips with the basics as a beginner fairly well in a short time
Julie West
Relaxed and fun learning environment
Philippa Rinaldo
I am thoroughly enjoying my course and it has helped me to revive the Spanish I learned many years ago. The lessons are well-planned and interesting and homework is set to reinforce subjects covered in class. Our teacher Ines is enthusiastic, encouraging and engaging and I hope to continue with lessons next year.
Ranald Foot
I am very pleased with the course and teacher. Romain is always very helpful. If we are having different problems, we can go over parts of the course to refresh our memories, with homework to assist us. He always explains things very well, and is happy to do so.
Esther Hack
I really enjoyed the course and feel i learnt a lot. Chiara was very good at devising exercises which helped us learn and were fun, as well as explaining grammar. She was considered, and thought carefully about her answers rather than rushing. I think she managed especially well as we were a mixed group at very different stages, yet everyone see...
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Gillian Humphries
Generally very good with plenty of handouts and a good focus on grammar, Could make more use of listening skills using audio recordings and the course book.
Carol Wilkins
I am enjoying the challenges set by the teacher.
From a happy beginner at the Tuesday group
A well and thoughtfully led course giving a wide range of techniques for me as a beginner whilst carefully blended with support of those with considerable expertise. Everything was achievable. Friendly and fun.
Gillian Quick
The course continues to be enjoyable, but I feel I am at the edge of my competence, and am not sure if I will continue to year 5. Our teacher always comes to the lessons well prepared, and uses a variety of ways to engage our learning. However I personally would like more in class short written exercises to consolidate my learning.
Sally is an inspiring and encouraging tutor. Really sparked my creativity. Excellent course, thoroughly recommend it.
Heather Parsons
Attending this course has sparked a love of writing, and reading, that I never thought I would have. Ive always avoided writing and certainly wouldn't EVER have written for pleasure. I now always carry a notebook; jotting down ideas, experiences and feelings. The sessions are varied and offer new opportunities to explore something you are comf...
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Lynne Atkinson
I have thoroughly enjoyed this course. Pia is very helpful and supportive. She plans the classes thoroughly and makes it clear what we will be working on. Her instructions are clear and the exercises appropriate for the class.
Rachel Moss
The course has a good mix of grammar and skills, and our teacher Laura is energetic and enthusiastic. My confidence in spoke Italian has improved.
Sue Bartlett
Lovely teachers. Had great fun the groups. Overall course needs more structure and more consolidation of the basics before adding levels of complexity. A better course book would improve things significantly especially if it the theory and information was combined with a course book that was completed week by week.
A very gentle form of Pilates suitable for maintain all round joint flexibility.I think it is less focused on core strength than other forms of Pilates I have done.so I have not retoned my stomach muscles as much as I would have liked., but then that would have entailed more hard work than some people would like. and perhaps not give the bene...
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Andree Heaton
I have been following this course run by Laura Camba for many years and I never cease to find it extremely stimulating. Laura produces an endless range of interesting material covering a great variety of topics which are presented in lively and accessible ways. The course is taught entirely in Italian which is very stimulating but is done in su...
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Jemma Giles
Carmen is a fabulous teacher, she makes the class fun but we are learning. Love the quizzes that she sets us to recap what we have learnt the week before.
Gillian Cooper
Great course. Very varied in learning methods and great fun.
Richard Hydes
Great teacher (Romain) puts huge effort and interest into the course. Cannot overstate how good this course is.
Paul Braga
A highly enjoyable course blending grammatical fine tuning with plentiful speaking opportunities. Our native-speaker teacher is skilled in stimulating discussion of topical issues, giving us an Italian take on each topic along with a range of subject-specific vocabulary and idiom. Homework is generally quite short but relevant and instructive. T...
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Stephen Rock
I have really enjoyed my course. Irene is a great teacher, full of energy and ability. I am looking forward to the next term.
Andy Cadle-Mills
Romain is an excellent teacher, it's a great bunch of evenly-matched students, with enjoyable lessons
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