Course participant reviews for Peter Symonds College

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Andy Cadle-Mills
Romain is an excellent teacher, it's a great bunch of evenly-matched students, with enjoyable lessons
Sue mahood
I have personally found spanish difficult however this is not as a result of the lessons. Our teacher is highly skilled and continually encourages us and it is obvious that she prepares well for our lessons. She is extremely patient and a very pleasant person.
Pilar Rodrigo
I think this course helped me to learn about the language and the culture of the country. I feel the teacher made us do different activities and engaged us in the class.
Linda Burgess
Really enjoying this course, it’s makes me look at things differently and It’s great trying to work with different media. . Su is a great teacher, very encouraging, helpful and enthusiastic.
Marie Lee
The teacher is very good and is always welcoming to all who take part in her class. She is a very happy person and that always comes out on her teaching. She keeps everyone moving through out the class which is a great way to keep fit.
Annabelle Warden
This course is amazing and everything it covers is so great and all the experiences you get with to college is so good. My current tutor Nicki has been so supportive and is so helpful with my course and so good at teaching what she does she is helping me get so far and looking into my next steps after the course!
Beryl Fahy
Laura is an excellent and enthusiastic teacher, who brings a wealth of new and interesting material to the course.
Karen Cook
This course has given me the opportunity to realise I can write in different styles. Also I am more confident in my writing. The group I am with, we support each other as well.
Alison is a great teacher, and covers a lot in each class. We are given plenty of opportunities to practise the grammar and vocabulary that we learn in class, individually and in pairs. Alison provides us with a variety of different materials alongside our course text book and we usually have some homework to complete from week to week.
Chris Johnson
First class teaching and entertaining too. Good text book. The only problems are with the audio system in the class room, which isn't very clear and irritates anybody in the next room. I would suggest that the premises are under scaled for male toilets, given that everybody wants to go at the same time (i.e. between lessons). I can't sp...
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Jenny Noades
We are a small group of 4 and really grateful that the course went ahead. Very interactive and Alison is well prepared. The course flows quickly and the content can be grammar heavy. Repetitive use of the grammar and vocabulary helps consolidate learning. My French has definitely improved..
Geoff Reynolds
Elena Sanchez-Gomez is an excellent teacher and I'd recommend the course to other students looking to move to the Advanced level
Carol Stonier
I have been doing Pilates for a couple of years now and i am really enjoying it. .It is a very friendly class. The teacher is very approachable and has a very good knowledge of her subject .
Hester Ryder
I love this class! Gentle Pilates that actually makes me feel that I have had a good amount of exercise. Never boring, always something new to learn and Pia explains it very well. I also love seeing all of the Pilates group, a very friendly class.
Dr David Rowen
Overall have enjoeyed the course. The teaching has been very good using a variety of teaching methods. Excellent revision techniques introduced, coupled with introduction of new topics which reinforces previous learning and how the language is evolving. The teacher has the ability to encourage active participation in a very relaxed fashion. Howe...
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sylvia collard
Great course, tutor is very attentive and knowledgeable. The class learns from each other and encourages ideas for projects.
Anthony Oxley
I am very pleased with the teaching and extra effort our teacher has put into the course.
Laura Jones
The variety of educational teaching tools used by Carmen has made learning enjoyable whilst still challenging. The students in this class consist of various ages and backgrounds but Carment manages to include everyone equally and adjusts the teaching when necessary to meet everyone's needs. She takes real joy in our progress and consistantly mo...
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Daytime student
Fab teaching, great topics, very interactive, great use of Edmodo, very well structured and prepared, very enthusiastic teacher
Brett Gill
I have enjoyed this course over many years for its content, tutor, and participants. It is informative, challenging and great fun.
Barbara culmer
Excellent course with friendly and helpful tutor
Annette Bergen
Excellent teaching by Romain. A good mix of conversation, grammar, topical subjects and literature. I always enjoy the classes.
Margaret Glentworth
The course is well structured and Carmen Ramirez is an excellent teacher. I think we are fortunate that it is a lively group which gets on well together with everyone willing to speak and participate. That is partly attributable to the personalities of the students but also credit to Carmen for the way she teaches. It is more difficult learni...
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Andy Foster
A very interesting, enjoyable and useful course, with an excellent lecturer
James Griffiths
The course was challenging and I expected this. The course tutor was very experienced and offered suitable teaching methods and appropriate guidance and support to enable me to get the most out of the whole experience. I would suggest that one gets out of the course, what one puts into it. There is a lot of home work but I was interested in the ...
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