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PetroSkills was founded in 2001 as an alliance between BP, Shell and OGCI, aiming to accomplish a mission of vital importance for the future of the Oil & Gas industry. PetroSkills provide high quality professional training and courses that are geard towards reaching the business objectives of Oil and Gas companies from all over the world. Professional development programmes delivered by industry experts at PetroSkills are designed to be business-relevant and available to all Petroleum companies worldwide.

Today PetroSkills is comprised of over 30 companies who represent more than 40% of the world’s production capacity of oil and gas. PetroSkills specialises in building knowledge and skills that are essential to oil and gas professionals, but not unique to any particular organisation.

World's largest selection of courses for Oil & Gas professionals

PetroSkills is the world leader for oil and gas training with more than 1000 public and in house training sessions each year. Programmes are delivered by over 200 experienced instructors, who train over 335,000 participants  throughout the world.

All competency-based training delivered by PetroSkills is tailored to the needs of the working professionals and endorsed by industry leaders, to improve the overal efficiency of organisations in this sector. When attending a course by PetroSkills, you have the guarantee that it will fit into your overall career development program, and will be the best training available.

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Over 1,700 public and in-house course sessions every year worldwide

On-demand, 24/7 access to technical knowledge

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Why choose PetroSkills

  • Course instructors are world class experts and excellent teachers
  • You will benefit from industry-relevant, interactive and stimulating classes and field trips that will hone your skills
  • Course materials are regularly updated, to relate to regional, local and company-specific needs.
  • PetroSkills work with the world’s leading oil & gas companies to identify exactly what you need to know at every stage of your professional development
  • Every minute of your training or field-trip experience will be 100% valuable for your career

Awards & Accreditations

The PetroSkills Alliance

The PetroSkills Alliance is comprised of more than 30 member companies and represents more than 40% of the world’s total production of oil and gas. This unique partnership represents companies from every oil-producing region around the world, including operators and service companies alike, in a variety of organizational sizes and structures.

The Alliance is truly driven BY the industry – it does not simply provide a service FOR the industry – and all the resources created by the PetroSkills Alliance are industry-validated.


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Based on 1697 reviews.

Participant, India
The course content was such that it is suitable across experience levels as well as across various geoscience disciplines. Also the Q&A sessions were very useful.
Production Engineer, United States
The materials in the book are well written, and the slides provide excellent guidelines and rules of thumb that a young engineer can take and apply."
Senior Research Engineer, United States
Most topics are informative and useful, including sandstone acidizing, acid fracturing, additives, etc. I appreciated Alfred's clarification of [participants'] questions from previous day.

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