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Subsurface Technologist
"Hands-on exercises, interaction with the instructor - these things definitely kept me from getting distracted, which often happens on virtual training courses! Great course overall, very engaging and I definitely picked up a lot of new things!"
"I feel like it's filled in a lot of gaps in my knowledge around how log tools and measurements fit together with core data and surface measurements."
"I enjoyed the open conversation and the lecturer's style of teaching. I really appreciate the fact that the material started with the absolute basics and progressed into a proper log analysis exercise."
Deputy Wellsite Geology Project Manager
"I was satisfied with the topics. I liked all videos showing complex content as well as the case studies of stuck pipe. The wording/language is often challenging to understand onsite, and [the exercises] show how to squeeze the information out and process understanding."
Reservoir Engineer
"I really enjoyed the overall summaries about the different types of chemical EOR, field examples and all of Dr. Delshad's first hand experience and advice."
Reservoir Engineer
"Instructor was a living encyclopedia! So knowledgeable and willing to help and answer questions."
"This class was a perfect blend of theory, lab tests and field examples (my favorite). Could not be improved upon - perfect amount of time spent on each area."
Refining Engineer
Refining Engineer
"I enjoyed the connection to real life applications rather than just discussing theory. The breakout groups were great because if we had doubts we could discuss potential solutions."
Engineering Intern
"Really enjoyed the wide knowledge gained in all areas. Truly a fantastic job done by John Morgan. Could not have asked for better."
Senior Process Engineer
"I enjoyed the gas treating, refrigeration and dehydration sections the most, as well as the basic information as refresher to the basic principles and equations. I liked how by the end of the course, all information was tied together [to] paint the full picture."
Civil Structural Engineer
"Regarding the course, the content was ideal for me in my role as Engineering Lead. I had a number of projects at various stages of design and execution during the year and I was able to choose the modules associated with those projects and carry them out in parallel. This was a great help to me and complimented both the learning process and the...
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Reliability and Maintenance Engineer
"Going deep into the working principle and the components was very enjoyable."
Electrical Engineer
"I learned a good overview of everything. Liked the instruction and the practical commentary. I learned the most from the online lectures."
Engineering Project Manager
"I really liked the practical applications - operations, maintenance, failure modes of the various pumps and compressors. This is what I'm most likely to use in my job."
"I learned the most from the explanation of pyralysis, which was one of the best explanations I've heard, and I felt I was finally able to understand the process of data collection, and how to use the data in analysis. I also liked the discussion on biomarkers, how they can be used, and the instruction on interpreting GC traces."
Senior Reservoir Engineer
"I thought it was set up well in terms of the topics covered and how much time was spent on each one."
Facilities Engineer
"I enjoyed talking about plant seperation equipment and processes. That's probably because this section was the most applicable to my role."
Facilities Engineer
"I appreciated how the course addressed both the design aspect as well as the maintenance and inspection aspects of equipment."
Facilities Engineer
"I think the example problems were really good and helped reinforce the material. I also liked that the instructor had a lot of real world experience to help ground the materials."
Drilling Engineer
"Well delivered. Sets the bar high."
Completions Engineer
"Liked learning how to read the mud report and do some basic calcs to check through the details."
Production Engineer
"I loved that the course was such a great overview of the key topics of reservoir engineering. I liked the course a lot!"
Senior Geoscientist
"The presenter really knows the subject and is superb in explaining all of the theories and application in a way that is very easy to understand and comprehend."
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