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Participant, Virtual Training
Mechanics Manager
"Thank you very much for the opportunity to learn remotely. I really liked the course, and it helped me to close my gaps in knowledge."
Corporate Reserves and Planning Manager
"I liked the problems and the questions that were asked during the lecture. They helped make sure concepts were understood. I think this was a good overview of geomechanics."
"My experience in this course was unique in the sense that the instructor took an abundance of time ensuring we understood the material, which I greatly appreciated."
Pipeline Engineer
"My favorite parts of the course were the applications of thermo, fluids, and heat transfer to size equipment."
Contracts Lead
"An excellent job ensuring the class understood drilling and completion fundamentals."
Project Development Manager
"The time alloted for the course material was well balanced and [instructor] did a great job adjusting time to support questions from the class and completion of exercises."
Production and Project Manager
"Liked the teacher's experience and the way he explained topics to the students. The topics were perfectly designed."
"The brainstorming session allowed the participants to share ideas and motivated all to contribute."
Operations & Maintenance Coach
"The way the course flowed was superb."
Process Engineer
"It was really effective how [instructor] showed us how to work through a problem on paper, i.e. drawing out the process, coming up with strategy to solve the problem, etc. Also, going through the text books and highlighting key points and equations, and giving us the key learning points summary document was great!"
Advanced Electrical Facility Engineer
"The biggest strength of these courses is the in-depth knowledge of the instructors and their ability to interact with the students."
Facility Engineer
"I enjoyed [instructor's] anecdotes from past experiences when discussing design considerations. I also enjoyed looking at pictures of various equipment and discussing all components, and which ones typically cause issues."
"I was happy with the way the subjects were presented. Very well prepared and very knowledgeable instructor."
"Instructor connection of real world application and analogs of cap curve data made for a good grounding in when, where, and why you would use the learnings in the class. Great instructor and a good conversationalist and made the class very enjoyable."
Senior Explorationist
"I found the course very useful as an introduction to reservoir engineering. It was good that the course covered the whole workflow."
Physical Science Technician
"I really enjoyed the exercises. I think the exercises reinforced the course material well. The course teachers were enthusiastic about the matieral and gave real world examples that made the material relevant. They also tried hard to engage a virtual audience."
Senior Process Engineer
"I was a bit hesitant with the fact that we had to do it virtually, but it was actually quite good, easy to follow."
"I liked working with surfer to see how different gridding algorithms affected the data in real time. I found it very useful. I was very happy with the course and thought the classroom setting through webex with the breakout rooms worked well."
"Algorithm strengths and weaknesses discussion was helpful. The exercises seemed helpful and will reinforce the learning."
"I greatly enjoyed highlighting the difference between the mapping algorithms - it was one of the subjects I was hoping to spend time on. The real-world examples made the training feel more realistic."
"I liked working through the problems. I also liked how the instructor made clear the differences in methods between unconventional and conventional reservoirs."
Operations Engineer
"Before the course, I hated anything related to electricity, but the instructor managed to put it in a simple way that made me change my perspective about it. He is so knowledgeable which helped us to understand difficult subjects easily."
Business Analyst
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