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10 days
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Production Operations 1 - In-house training by PetroSkills

This course can be conducted on site at your location exclusively for your staff. PO1 represents the core foundation of PetroSkills' production engineering course curriculum and is the foundation for future studies. The participant will become familiar with past proven, and, newer technologies, procedures, and techniques to improve and increase oil, gas, and condensate production. The course structure applies a proven methodology, least cost, integrated methods approach that allows engineers to make careful and prudent business decisions. New content to address the basics of unconventional resources, including shale gas and oil, and heavy oil and bitumen has been added.

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Outcome / Qualification etc.

  • Gain insight into typical geological models, including unconventional heavy oil, shale gas, and shale oil
  • Design and properly select well completion mechanical equipment
  • Evaluate the flow capacity of a well
  • Achieve successful well casing primary cementing and remedial casing cement repair techniques
  • Select equipment and engineer alternate methods for perforating operations in varied down hole well environments including underbalanced procedures
  • Utilize alternate well intervention techniques of applied wireline operations and coiled tubing methods
  • Recognize harsh well producing environments leading to potential corrosion and erosion failure, scale formation, and related downhole deposits
  • Choose proper wellbore completion and workover fluids, fluid solids control, and fluids filtration standards and best practice methods
  • Distinguish the characteristics and types of mechanical artificial lift systems
  • Ascertain why and how formations become damaged and how to interpret, prevent, and correct reservoir damage
  • Collect data to categorize options to choose an optimum well stimulation plan
  • Understand the causes of and the best approach to managing sand production
  • Understand how to properly acidize a carbonate or a sandstone reservoir
  • Understand the proper use and effects of surfactants and their presence in the oilfield in order to benefit from their use and avoid problems mis-application
  • Manage organic paraffin and asphaltene field deposits in tubing and surface facilities
  • Understand modern fracture stimulation and productivity improvement, including multistage horizontal well shale gas and shale oil massive frac job design and operations
  • Review heavy oil development and extraction including mining operations and current modern thermal processes
  • Choose proven technology for cased hole production logging tools and interpretation methods
  • Select mechanical and / or permeability altering chemical methods to attempt downhole water shut off
  • Recognize, prevent, and manage corrosive conditions and typical common soluble and insoluble scales
  • Apply technologies including: expandable tubulars and screens, intelligent well completions, wellbore fiber optic data gathering and transmission, interval control valves, multi-lateral completions, and elastomer swellable tubulars
  • Training Course Content

    This in-house training programme can be customised to meet your specific requirements. It typically covers:

    • Importance of the geological model
    • Reservoir engineering fundamentals in production operations
    • Well testing methods applicable to production operations
    • Understanding inflow and outflow and applied system analysis
    • Primary and remedial cementing operations
    • Well completion design and equipment
    • Completion and workover well fluids
    • Perforating design and applications
    • Production logging
    • Artificial lift completions
    • Problem wells
    • Formation damage
    • Acidizing
    • Corrosion control
    • Scale deposition, removal, and prevention
    • Surfactants
    • Paraffin and asphaltenes
    • Sand control
    • Hydraulic fracturing
    • Unconventional resources - shale gas and oil, heavy oil and bitumen

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