Doubling Sales with Bespoke Training

The right training for your sales team can make a tremendous difference. So much that it can double the numbers and give your sales reps the energy to launch new products and achieve you business recognition at the global level.

It's the success story behind the bespoke training programme commissioned by TaylorMade-addidas Golf with Reed Learning. A dedicated training solution for a key player on the sports equipment market had a direct impact in deciding the optimal selling strategy and preparing the team for bringing in new customers.

"Year to date sales are up more than 100% on this time last year, and this is attributable in no small way to the training we received."

Andrew Law, Sales Director, TaylorMade-adidas Golf

100% Increase in Sales

Over the years, TaylorMade-adidas Golf had seen the advantages of investing in their sales team and had been able to measure the results: better sales numbers, higher commitment and increased personal motivation. So, having identified a focus on developing robust and logical procedures, greater client-focus in communication and confident closing skills, they chose Reed Learning to help deliver a series of training programmes specifically designed to fit their sales process.


The training programme was delivered over two days and focused on:

  • Owning your area
  • Preparing for a booking
  • Personal selling skills
  • People profiling

One of the key outcomes of the course was improving planning and preparation: making it more engaging for the user, more systematic and applicable in practice. A clear structure was used to help plan the various steps of the sales process, looking at how to:

  • Define opportunities
  • Prepare for calls
  • Handle questions and objections
  • Close the deal

Participants also discovered techniques to sharpen their communication style, and new ways to look at the sale, taking the client's perspective by using their language and understanding their thinking process and incentives.

Measuring results

We've been delighted with the results we've seen since the programme. The trainer was able to adapt his delivery to meet our needs exactly, and as a result the planning tools are proving a vital addition to our sales people, who are noticeably more business-like and successful. They're more confident in communicating with clients and a focus on structure and planning has brought a highly organised style of working."

Unparalleled experience with in-house training for the sales profession

Since their launch on the professional development scene, Reed Learning have designed and delivered in-company training programmes to over 1,000 organisations every year. Their in-company solutions are designed to provide expert support at every step of the learning process. Reed Learning specialists monitor the training programme, from  inception to delivery, evaluate and quality check to ensure all participants to the training are able to follow their goals and get the results they need.

Reed Learning's approach and their key to success when delivering corporate training is the commitment to measuring, quantifying and evaluating the service and the results delivered. This allows training buyers achieve the maximum ROI, increase their bottom line and sustain their growth trend.

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