Course participant reviews for Postgraduate Diploma (PgDip) in Risk and Safety Management (e-learning/open)

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The virtual classrooms in this modular were very useful and were explained really well by the teacher. It was great to actually use the software.
The module was well structured and provided the necessary knowledge to understand the concept and build bowties.
I thought this content was very comprehensive and covered a wide range of topics that are useful to give an introduction to human factors and an awareness of the core concepts to allow me to better support dedicated HF specialists at work and understand their contribution to the safety programme.
I believe that the module topics are excellent. A wide variety of subjects are covered and a couple of choices are also in there for folks that want to pursue registration with the IChemE folks. I have enjoyed my studies thus far (almost completing the final taught module). It is well organised and the admin is excellent. The exercises containe...
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Very well organized course. Well done to Risktec and special thanks to the module teachers who were very supportive throughout the course. Much appreciate this, because considering my working hours I can only allocate weekends for the study. Straightly receiving feedbacks from the teacher made my study more efficient. Course materials indeed con...
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I am finding your content informative and engaging and making me think about a wider aspect of matters relating to human interactions in design and operations.
The Human Factors module has come at a really useful time for me, as I am assisting in an acquisition transition project currently (possibly one of the biggest that NZ has seen in the oil and gas space), and it has made me particularly mindful of the human factors aspects of this transition.
Excellent feedback which will enable me to improve the quality of any future HAZOPs.
Heather, postgraduate student
Thanks for another great module! I found the Culture, Behaviour and Competency module particularly interesting and relevant to what I am currently doing in my line of work. Linking safety culture into learnings from notable major accidents was a good reminder how important the right leadership is and the influence of human behaviour on accident ...
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postgraduate student
The course was very interesting. I did learn a lot new stuff on the subject, which helped me to look at safety culture and behavior issues managed within my organization from a different angle.Thanks again to Risktec for such a great course.
Sam, postgraduate student
I thought the class was put together very well, and I found the content interesting and useful in my daily work. I was quite nervous starting classes again, but I felt like the workload was perfect and I was able to find a balance. Thank you!
Rashad, postgraduate student
The course was very well presented, materials were available, easily accessible and target specific. The diversity of the examples, I mean a wider industry approach, was amongst the features that I liked most. Of course, the easiness of communicating with the teacher was of great benefit.
Bronwyn, postgraduate student
The course covered a lot of important detail in a very easy to understand manner. The section on 'how to use the library' was excellent.
Sarah, postgraduate student
I don’t know if I told you this before, but I’m SO GLAD I decided to start this coursework. It has been immediately applicable to my day to day job, and so incredibly helpful. I’ve been able to put this knowledge to good use by advising not just my (non-process safety engineer) colleagues, but even the process safety technical authority on som...
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Jack, postgraduate student
The course was well presented, the course materials were excellent and Ben made the Virtual classrooms interesting, informative and very useful. The demonstration of how to access information on the university library was invaluable and well presented. Overall an excellent module introducing a new topic.
Mandy, postgraduate student
I think this course was a good foundation for the rest of the program. Including all the guidance on how to utilize LJMU electronic library was very helpful.
Vasif, postgraduate student
I like the most how teacher is prompt in responding to any questions in a professional way. Presentation pack and information provided are very useful and I have certainly learned new things though had several lessons taken in the same topic previously from other training providers. There is always a room for improvement, however I am in my firs...
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Jeff, postgraduate student
The presentation materials were excellent and provided the necessary basis for further study towards the end of module assignment.  The virtual classrooms were very useful and Andy's presentation and discussion of the topic was first class.  Unfortunately due to my work schedule I have yet been able to take part in any of the virtual classrooms ...
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Colin, postgraduate student
The course was well presented, the reference material used (slides etc.) provided a solid grounding of the relevant information required prior to further reading. The tutor support provided was first class.
Ahmad, postgraduate student
I liked the materials of the lessons, also the virtual classrooms were helpful to explain more what is in the lessons.
Tanya, postgraduate student
Definitely all the instructors are all very interested in helping the students and are very kind & approachable. That is hugely important. I also like that I can (with some 'translation' to government work) immediately apply this information directly to my day to day work. The written material for the course is well organized and clear.
Hossien, postgraduate student
First of all I would like to thank you all of those people who were involved in preparation of such useful and practical course.It was a well organized course and useful material were available, also good references introduced. It was also very useful having all records and texts after each virtual class including the presentation itself so that...
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