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The School of Natural Health Sciences has over 22 years experience as a trusted provider of accredited, professional courses via distance learning. We provide more than 60 accredited, insurable, professional, holistic therapy training courses and train our students from beginner to practitioner/therapist level.

Our courses cover a variety of subject areas within the natural health care field and suit a wide range of different needs, ambitions and interests. Our ultimate goal is to make our learning as affordable and accessible as possible to students across the world. We provide students with the flexibility to study at their own pace, from wherever they want, with no time limits or restrictions. We feel this flexible approach enables our students to produce their best work, free from the constraints of working to deadlines

Tutored Courses in more detail

By choosing to take a Tutored Course, you will be working with one of our ‘Professional Tutors’ who will be assigned to you personally.

At the end of each lesson you will find a short Question Paper for you to complete and email back. Your Tutor will mark your work and return it to you with helpful comments. In this way you will be receiving ‘Ongoing Feedback’ throughout your studies. You may contact your Personal Tutor via email whenever you need extra help.

Tutored courses provide that ‘extra support’ for people who like, or need additional feedback and guidance throughout their studies.

Self Study Courses in more detail

Self-Study students send their answer papers to our ‘Self Study Team by email. Your work is assessed and if you are making serious errors you will be notified. Apart from that you will be working on your own and your papers are not returned. A member of the Self Study team will be available to help you by email if you need ‘occasional assistance’. However, students who need to repeatedly ask questions will be recommended to upgrade to the Tutored method of study.

We recommend this much more economical system to students who are familiar with studying, and require the minimum amount of feedback with their coursework. In our experience, Self Study students usually have a broad background knowledge of the subject they are studying. They are also familiar with studying methods in general.

You can upgrade to Tutored from Self Study at any time, should you feel that you need more feedback, by simply paying the difference in fees.

Course material and qualifications are the same for both methods of study. If your work is not reaching a satisfactory level, you will be asked to repeat it. There is no additional charge for this and the final outcome of the course is unaffected.

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Cheryl Freeman
I'm really pleased with the course. It encouraged personal research around each of the questions . This meant that you were able to explore those aspects of the subject that fired you up as well as looking back on my own family experiences where herbs could have been used , had I been qualified then. A Grade A pass with Distinction, was a surpr...
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Brenda Windram
How can I thank you enough for this marvellous course in Shiatsu? Thank you, thank you and thank you! I deliberately delayed finishing it because I wanted it to sink in well, especially since I continue to learn so much from it. The link up with Acupressure and some of the other courses I have taken has made the learning experience so rich an...
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Ruth Ramage
I have enjoyed studying the Psychotherapy and Counselling Course with the School of Natural Health Sciences very much and I am delighted to have received a Grade A pass, and look forward to receiving my diploma. At this time I would like to take the opportunity to thank all who have been involved in my study. Everyone has been most helpful. I...
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