Course participant reviews for Introduction to SQL on Oracle

Average rating 4.6

Based on 19 reviews

It was a refresher, so I found it easier now
Extremely good. Kevin was excellent
Very useful well balanced course, has filled in gaps in my knowledge
Answered a lot of questions. Finally a teacher who explained it well enough for it it to sink in Thank you
The content of the course that was delivered matched exactly what was advertised. It provided a good understanding of all the basic concepts, i'd need to retrieve data and complete my job. This should provide me a good foundation to help grow within my role.
Excellent course and delivery , very patient tutor. Would recommend.
John was a great lecturer, talked everything through perfectly, and helped me through the points I didn't get straight away quickly. Just in a one session I feel like my understanding of SQL has been significantly increased. Thank you very much.
I found the second half of the course a little more rushed than the first half. However it was my first experience with virtual training and it was better than I expected (after a few hiccups at the beginning mostly caused by not knowing what to expect)
V. helpful course, content delivered will help in my role and the documentation provided will be v. useful
Very good practical course - learning through practical application and discussion
Overall, the course was very good and well paced I came looking for a bit more background knowledge in SQL databases and queries; I certainly achieved that aim, as well as finding the learning material stimulating and interesting.
Excellent pace of course which gave me a good insight into the basics of SQL
Loved the practical element, too often you go to these things and you go away not actually being able to do anything. Very calm and thoughtful instructor. Thank you.
Good beginner training. Gave me a solid overview of the SQL in Oracle
Good course to pick up the basics of SQL.
The course was at the ideal pace for someone who had little experience with SQL - there was nothing overloading about the course and I left with a lot more confidence in using SQL Developer.
Very informative course - precisely what I was expecting and looking for. The trainers' delivery was excellent and the pace manageable yet still challenging. Mood between trainer and trainee was comfortable and friendly.
Pace of work and explanations good (especially in a class of one)
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