Course participant reviews for Java Programming 2 / Java Advanced Developer

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I really enjoyed learning from Stuart. Since I was the only one in the class, I was given the choice to learn about topics outside of the course outline. The course was delivered at the right pace and that made me feel like the course was tailor-made for me. It has been a fruitful week and I would recommend this course to anyone who has some bac...
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It's the most useful experience in my all education process (and I'm saying this after PhD in Physics). All the knowledge served in amazing form with humour. Thank you!
The course was really well organised, presented and paced. Stuart has a wealth of knowledge about programming and he was able to answer questions without hesitation, often with examples. Stuart was engaging, helpful and informative, with a good sense of humour (I think he needed it with our group!) The equipment and resources are of a high ...
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Stuart managed to assess the skill level of the classroom and adjust the delivered material in a way the benefited us the most. Perfectly pitched.
Excellent course. Presenter Greg was most engaging and knowledgeable.
Excellent course both in terms of content and delivery. Explanations were very clear aiding understanding, with plenty of examples to illustrate the topics covered. Stuart was an excellent teacher, able to field questions, explain complex topics and adjust the pace to suit the audience.
This has been one of the most worthwhile courses I have attended. Stuart was able to break down each topic well and his explanations were very clear. Almost all content was applicable to my current role. It was a lot to absorb within 5 days but that is probably more a lack of experience on my part.
Really enjoyed course. Instructor explained things well, especially liked the quick review of previous day each morning. Good mix of theory and practical exercises. Highly recommend instructor and course.
Good Course for someone with some Java experience or someone very experienced in related OO languages but not java specifically. Timing was done well and all the content was covered yet didn't feel rushed, Brian was knowledgeable and could answer questions.
Brian was very knowledgeable in the subject and a great help all throughout. Though subjective, pace seemed perfect to me, and there were no moments where I was "stuck". Thank you
Loved the course, Brian has been great all the way through and controlled the pace perfectly to give a good understanding of the content of the course and the background of what we have learnt.
I thought this course was great. Learnt a lot, but also helped me to solidify concepts I had in my head already. Have already recommended it to a colleague. Stuart's instruction was excellent.
Ian Campbell
Great friendly teacher who paced the course at a level I was comfortable with. A relaxed environment that was conducive to absorbing the information. I have found since that a lot of what was covered in the classroom has actually sunk in!
A very good course at a good pace. Brian gave us plenty of chance to work through everything fully and to ask any questions we needed. He also researched answers to the questions he didn't know which was very welcome.
The course built up excellently from basics to a good selection of modern Java usage; by the end we had completed a guided case study to build an entire Java application with GUI front end and JDBC back end. We ended up learning a lot about how to use Eclipse, as well, which is a bonus. The instructor continued after the end of the manual materi...
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Very good course. Trainer has an amazing amount of knowledge and a refreshing way of teaching. I found the first two/three days extremely useful on standalone Java and its design patterns, mainly strategy. My level was not up to speed to understand the concepts introduced for the 2nd half of the week but i gained a lot to take away and learn.
Tutor was very informative and took the time to explain. Allowed me to consolidate everything I had learn so far and I feel confident to now implement what I have learnt at work. Tutor went the extra mile to provide the class with additional information to benefit our learning.
Absolutely fantastic trainer, answering questions fully and clearly. The course content was ran at the perfect pace, we studying everything as expected. Examples were clearly demonstrated.
Pace, detail and depth of the course was very good. Instructor knowledge was exceptionally good. Practical material and course guide very succinct and detailed. Without a doubt on of the best training experiences to date.
This course was well paced and the trainer was clearly experienced and knew his material well.
Very knowledgeable instructor, and delivered the course in a very informative and interesting way. Especially liked the fact, it was very much his own input as opposed to just reading through the manual. Thanks
Great teacher - He explained all theory with great practicals and examples.
Covered a lot of topics in a short period. Although intense, instruction is very good which helped ease the learning process. Sufficient practical work - particularly enjoyed the case study's / own tasks given.
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