Course participant reviews for Java Programming 2 / Java Advanced Developer

Average rating 4.8

Based on 57 reviews.

The tutor provided extra worth while advise relating to this subject.
Thoroughly enjoyed the course and feel that it will help our organisation. The trainer was always very helpful with any questions and fully explained what was required.
This was a great course and I really enjoyed myself a lot. It met all my needs. My trainer was great and really went the extra mile to help me with all the tasks. He was very accommodating and overall great!
Fast paced but manageable first look into some of the more advanced features of the Java Standard edition. With great documentation to bring back with you covering all of the areas covered. Would recommend this course to someone with at least some Java knowledge already or experience with other OO languages.
I had a great time and learned a lot more about Java Programming which should help me to pass the Oracle Java Certification Exam.
Course was just what I was looking for. Not overcrowded with ample space to use the pc and have the documentation to hand. Location is excellent. Easy to get to and not too busy outside. Staff were friendly and I'd gladly come back for more courses.
The content and delivery were all very much suited to my knowledge level and expectation. The trainer was extremely knowledgeable and was able to contextualise a lot of the subject matter in either analogy of business context.
Informative and content will definitely be used going forward.
The trainer explained the terminology very well with relevant examples of application, he constantly challenged us with examples and how to think in a developmental context. The constant practical exercises challanged us to think more concisely about what topics he was covering. A very well run course overall!
Excellent course and trainer. Trainer adapted course eo suit my needs which was good. all content was explained at a level i could understand. Thank you
The course was at a good steady pace with the trainer being very aware if he was taking things too fast as we had people with different levels of knowledge. There were plenty of practical sessions which again the trainer took time to work through with us and explain as and when needed.
I am happy with the Training Content and excellent delivery of required concepts by the trainer. I found the lecturer very experienced, professional and knowledgeable besides excellent communication and teaching style.
I found the course absolutely excellent - Paced it perfectly taking a decent length of time on the fundamental concepts and really putting it all together very well over the 5 days. I really feel this course has given me a very solid foundation for building my Java programming skills on.
The trainer was a very good instructor and very knowledgeable about Java and answered many of my questions which were not necessarily Java-related. Very enjoyable and engaging. Great case study, I really enjoyed creating a GUI.
Excellent content. All concepts were explained fully without being oversimplified.
Very good trainer, clear and knows his stuff.
I felt the course was very good overall and the trainer knew his stuff and could answer any questions I had. I think the beginning chapters on the general aspects of Java were covered very ell and were well paced and had good accompanying exercises. Some of the later chapters on threading, databases etc. were covered swiftly and perhaps could ha...
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The trainer presented the course very well and had in depth knowledge. Hopefully it will assist me in my hunt for a job back in IT.
The course was very informative and ideal for a newbie to Java such as myself.
I found it much more interesting tackling different scenarios. Plus - it helps that the practical exercises can now be tackled separately away from the course utilising the knowledge gained.
I enjoyed the course and I feel as if I have a much better understanding of Java.
I have gained a much better understanding of the JAVA language. The course has given me a greater confidence in progressing with the language.
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