Fast track to HTML and CSS 101

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5 days
Company-Specific / In-House

Fast track to HTML and CSS 101

Courses never cancelled. Last minute rescheduling. 24 month delegate support forum. And more... Upon successful completion of this course you’ll be able to; convert an existing page, styling for print, styling a press release, making an input form look good, styling an events calendar, creating an online greeting card, bringing hyperlinks to life, multicolumn layout, how to skin a menu, sneaking out of the box, positioning a better design and fixing your backgrounds.

Basics of HTML and CSS
Planning your Web Site
Images and Styles
Understanding Properties
Working with Colours and Background Images
The DIV Tag
Layout and building Basic Forms
Understand the JavaScript language.
Understand the Document Object Model and how it is used in JavaScript.
How to detect and respond to user actions
Alter, show, hide and move objects on a web page
Check information inputted into a form
How to use CSS (Cascading Style Sheets)

Suitability - Who should attend?

People new to Web design that desire a deeper understanding of HTML and CSS, and the new standards of web design.

Training Course Content

The World Wide Web

Client Side vs. Server Side
The web technologies
Evolution of the World Wide Web
What is Web 2.0
Workings of HTTP
The fundamentals of the web
What is AJAX?
The W3C
Web Standards
Web Accessibility


Site Architecture
File and Folder Management
Site definition
Naming conventions
Defining assets
What is a Browser?
Browser Wars
Netscape to Chrome
Browser Statistics
A Modern Browser
Cross-Browser compatibility issues
Internet Explorer 6 issues
Mobile Browsers
The Syntax
Self-closing tags
block and inline


The Different DOCTYPEs
What is a DOCTYPE

XML declaration issue

XHTMLising your code
Document Object Model
HTML5 Default options
Adding Meta tags
Keywords, Descriptions and Refresh
The Character Set
HTML Comments
Style Tag
Script Tag

Document Structure

Structural Elements
Headings and Paragraphs
Nested Lists
Data Types and Definitions
Special Characters
The title attribute
Using the address tag
cite, dfn, var, abbr
code, kbd, samp and pre
Quoting in HTML
bold, strong, italic and emphasis


Table headers
Accessibility in Tables
Nesting Tables
Adding Captions
Merging columns and rows
Web Images
What format do I choose?
Image attributes
Alternate text for Accessibility
Figure Captioning


The anchor tag
Named anchors
Relative and absolute links
Linking to an email address
Forms basics


Text fields
Setting Accessibility labels
Text Area
Check boxes
Drop-down lists
Radio buttons
Radio Groups
Upload a file
Fieldset and accessibility

Submit and Reset buttons

Buying a Domain
Buying hosting space
File transfer Protocol
Uploading files to a server
Testing online

Practical Exercises

Building a ‘Hello World’ page
Building a small site

CSS Introduction

HTML Structure and Content, CSS Presentation
Advantages of CSS
Implementing CSS
CSS Rules: The Basic Syntax
Case, Whitespace and Comments in CSS

The CSS Standards

The Scope of CSS
Browser Support for CSS
CSS Hackarounds

Writing CSS

CSS Selectors
CSS and HTML Structure
The CSS Box Model
The IE Box Model
Absolute Units
Proportional Units
Shorthand Syntax
Margins and Padding
Negative Margins
Background Images
Classes and ID’s
Descendant Selectors
Group Selectors
Block Boxes and Inline Boxes
Block Box Behaviour
Inline Box Behaviour


Text Formatting in CSS
Text Formatting
Typefaces, Alternatives and Defaults
Text Size and usability issues
Internet Explorer Quirks
Font Characteristics
Setting and Using Space Within Text
Formatting Blocks of Text


Undeerstanding Link States
Styling Link states
Styling Internal Links
Styling external Links
Styling links to documents


Modularising CSS Style-Sheets
Simpler Management, Less Effort, More Control
Using Embedded Styles

CSS Positioning

Choosing the Right CSS
Technique for Positioning Blocks
The Position Property
The Document Flow
Static Positioning
Relative Positioning
Relative Positioning with specified values
Absolute Positioning
Fixed Positioning
The CSS float property
Clearing Floats
Page Layout
Using CSS in the Real World
Deploying CSS
Readable Pages
The Proliferation of Screens


CSS 2.1
Browser Support
Using Test Suites and Multiple Browsers
Cross-platform Testing in Single-platform Environments
CSS Help and Advice
Authoritative Sources versus Web Myths and Gossip

Practical Exercises

Styling a simple page
Styling a small site


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