Course participant reviews for Study365

Average rating 4.6

Based on 75 reviews.

Nala H.
This course was extremely beneficial as it polished my skills to confidently interact with children with special needs.
Megan H.
This course is beneficial for everyone regardless of age and industry. It improved my soft skills.
Mick C.
This has been a great learning opportunity and I have received amazing support from the team throughout the course.
Creddy F.
Great overview of essentials.
Jenny R.
This course helped me establish and maintain a solid relationship with the parents of my students.
Sarina P.
I was able to take this course because of the flexible class hours. I am extremely grateful.
Daniel G.
S365 has once again proven itself with this amazing course.
Annie M.
Delma Roberts
I’d like to extend my thanks to the tutor for putting this wonderful course together.
Ethan C.
Trainer is full of knowledge and wisdom. It was a great learning experience.
Abbie G.
This course is hands-on and practical doesn't only teach you the necessary skills but the confidence to carry them out.
Rochel M.
There is a tremendous wealth of knowledge and expertise in this course and that too at such an affordable price.
Darren B.
Recommend this course to anyone looking to make a career in crystal healing.
Rohit Keshab
The course is very good and very informative to aspiring students who wish to pursue their career in the field.
Ketty Malmoor
Freddy Foster
A great course at a great price with lots of learning.
Trinity Joseph
This was a very informative course that helped me clear up all of my questions about the subject.
Billy Jason
I’d like to extend my thanks to the tutor for putting this wonderful course together.
Mick Creeker
So far, it's been an amazing experience. I'm loving the presenter's knowledge and energy.
Elinor Rutherford
This course was a great way for me to brush up on my knowledge.
Rohan Fernando
This course was very interesting, and the modules were excellent.
Ian Gagster
This was a mouth-watering and visually appealing experience :). I learned so much and looking forward to trying it all out. My clients are in for a treat.
Grady Thomson
A great course at a great price with lots of learning.
Bill Cobbler
This course helped me understand the basics of social media!
Edem M.
Clear explanations and sufficient information!
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