Templar Executives: Timely, Relevant, and Valued DeliveryTemplar Executives: Timely, Relevant, and Valued Delivery

Today’s organisations have been significantly impacted by technology, providing limitless opportunities across the globe. Despite all of the benefits technology has developed, new risks and Threats are constantly evolving. To combat these risks and Threats, leaders must proactively promote a Cyber Secure culture throughout their organisation in order to protect their most valuable asset: their information. It is therefore vital that all employees from the bottom to the top of the organisation become aware of Cyber Security best practices and how to react in the event of a breach.

Templar Executives work closely with Government, FTSE 100 companies, and across industry sectors to enhance and manage an organisation’s approach to Cyber Security. Templar Executives begin in the boardroom of an organisation and work holistically across businesses. Furthermore, Templar Executives provide a safe and stimulating forum for programme delegates to discuss essential issues and challenges, equipping organisations with key knowledge, best practices, and several opportunities to apply learning through real-world case studies.

Templar Executives aim to provide the following to their clients:

  • Client-focused solutions, commitment and excellence in all of their engagements;
  • Industry-thought leadership and experience from their expert teams of world class professionals;
  • Unique certifications from CESG (GCHQ) for their Board level, information specialist, Insider Threat and Cyber Security Awareness courses;
  • Comprehensive, holistic, value-add approach that enables business success through a positive Cyber Security posture;
  • Templar Executives is a preferred Cyber Security supplier to UK Government.

Cyber Security Training Programmes

Templar Executives offer open training programmes as well as customised bespoke training to their clients. Their training focuses on raising awareness of Cyber Security within an organisation at all levels, beginning with the Executive Board and moving all the way to the front line employees. Browse the list of training courses below offered by Templar Executives to find a Cyber Security and data protection training programme best suited for your needs or the needs of your organisation. 

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Programme Attendee
Training is essential. I think the course highlighted that as individuals, we don’t know as much as we think we do. If staff don’t understand the importance/ significance, they won’t follow procedure.
Programme Attendee
I found the first session particularly useful as it was a clear way of raising the issues and encouraging awareness around every day behaviour
Programme Attendee
The training day gave a solid and broad understanding of cyber security issues and Threats

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