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Bunty Miller
We covered best poractice for dealing with clients face to face, over the phone and via email. It improved us all.
Kyle Phillips
Thoroughly enjoyable and interesting day. I have taken away loads of tips and tricks that I will be using at work and home from now on.
Angela Grain
Great day! So many useful hints and tips that have already saved me loads f time.
Harriet Crane
the trainer ws excellent. We left with a clear structure and tips on how to make our reports interesting and easy to understand.
Chris Hooper
We arranged the introduction to management training for our team leaders and supervisors because a lot of the staff had recently been promoted through the ranks and had not received formal supervisory training. Initially the staff were quite reluctant to attend the training, especially as it was on a Saturday. The feedback from staff who atten...
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Linda Lane
Today was really useful. I have learned so many practical things that I can start doing straight away.
Steve Knowles
Great advice and really thought-provoking. Have already started puttingsome of the advice into play and has really helped.
Jen Staid
this was the best management course I have ever been on. I really enjoyed the relaxed, fun style and the fact that there were so many practical exercises. Will be sending all managers on this course.
Rebecca Andrews
Great day. I have learned so much and will be taking a completely different approach to management and feedback going forward.
Mark Boulton
This was a day where I took away a lot of knowldege and sjkills that I could use straight away
Craig Foster
We have a number of staff within our organisation who have never been In the job for years, but have never received any management training. Since going on the course, they all, without exception, seem a lot more confident and in control.
Melissa Nichols
Even after our very first workshop, I felt that I was a better manager, after now completing 10 I am so much more confident and more effective. Thanks for all the help.
Craig Bearchill
I learned so much today, but it was also a great reminder of the things that I kind of knew I should be doing, but don't, which I will be doing religuously from tomorrow.
Claire Heads
I liked how we learned lots of different skills but built them up slowly. Becca was a great trainer, whose relaxed style made evryone else feel comfortable in what could have been a really awkward subject.
Vicky Lands
This course was excellent. I can't belive how much I have learned inone day.
Claire Knight
I have learned loads of really helpful skills.
James Horrowbin
This workshop was surprisingly enjoyable, I didn't think a course on buisness writing could be fun, but Training Works proved me wrong. I have to write a lot of emails and I always felt that they were a bit waffly and confusing. Since the course I feel they are much clearer and it takes me less than half the time.
Andrea Nailor
the team building course helped us to understand each other a lot better. The activities and discussions made us realise that everyone has different preferences and that we can work together more effectively
Michelle Lowe
Really useful content from an excellent, clearly very experinced trainer.
Andrew Halifax
The course was really enjoyable and I learned lots of new skills. I asked to go on this course, as I felt that quite often the appraisals that I did with staff were not very effective. I feel a lot more confident now and am looking forward to giving appraisals. Thank you Training Works.
Martin Harrison
We arranged the conflict management course for a couple of our staff who tend to shy away from giving feedback
Oliver Brown
great trainer. Made everyone feel really relaxed. I took loads away from the day and within less than 2 weeks I have already seen an improvement in my figures.
Hannah Bennett
Was a really interesting day. Understanding the psychology of motivation was really useful as it made me understand why I need to do certain things. Excited to test out some of the suggestions.
John Lucke
Helped me understand my staff and how to manage them in a better way. Great day.
Edbar Pointer
We learned some really amazing fugures and some new skills
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